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There is a sense that we are connected to something that is greater than us to which we yearn to return. This is sometimes called the Eternal Return. Symbolism is the language in which this awareness is expressed rising up from within us. The yearning for this union with the universal from which we came is the feeling of this point in each person's chart. How that point is aspected shows the impact that this yearning has on one's life. The planets and aspects show what the native is driven to return to, the door way for the native into the mystical union with the source.

KEY CONCEPTS - 248835 {2006 SX368}
Eternal return Transcending the mundane
A new beginning born from the source in the original beginning that one seeks to return to in order to find meaning
Spiritual nourishment by reexperiencing and participating through myth and ritual in the source, the beginning which contains the only reality available
Narrative, Drama, The dramatic idea through unification of choreography and musical composition
Reinventing one self Jealousy about the inner spark that you feel you lack
Nostalgic yearning for the mythic beginning that is ever beyond your reach, but that you can mystically participate in through ritualized behavior
Beginnings and what evolves from them The spiraling cyclic natural pattern
UFOs and Aliens as our spiritual roots (seeding the planet)
Drama and Dance as ways to experience the Eternal Return
To come back or return in a new form Repetitive circles of slightly varied operation
Geometric Patterns Mythic, larger than life
Dramatic extremes Structures that underlie the fabric of human life
Immense unexplained loss Turn around
Reclaiming the past or seeking to return to the past patterns
Rediscovering the mythic, archetypal wisdom of the past
Seeing the past as better, truer, more fulfilling
Symbolism as an underlying unifying language Archetypal thinking
To see the relationships of one thing to another in symbolic or mythic ways
Kurt Jooss*
German dancer and choreographer, a teacher and ballet director, disliked plotless dances, used narratives and modern theatre styles to create ballet dance theatre [1]
Ludwig Biermann*
{(-1.58) Nessus, (-2.81) Ceto} German scientist, astrophysicist, research on stellar evolution [2]
Mircea Eliade*
{(-1.62) Nessus, (-2.85) Ceto} Rumanian author, religious historian, philosopher, diplomat, established paradigms in religious studies that persist to this day. Wrote the voluminous and influential History of Religious Ideas. His theory of Eternal Return, which holds that myths and rituals do not simply commemorate hierophanies, but, at least to the minds of the religious, actually participate in them. In academia, the Eternal Return has become one of the most widely accepted ways of understanding the purpose of myth and ritual. [3]
Franz Stangl*
{(-1.82) Orcus, (+2.79) 241097} Austrian policeman who joined the Nazi Party. He was one of those responsible for the murder of 900,000 Jews at Treblinka Camp in Poland [4]
Robert Charroux
French writer of the occult and sci-fiction, a pioneer of the theory of ancient astronauts from other planets [5]
Robert Helpmann*
Australian ballet dancer, choreographer, actor, producer and director of ballet and stage plays, gay and flamboyant, "a genius, an outstanding communicator of unique inspiration and insight. He asserted his rights to pursue a path that improved the quality of life of the nation, and defeated the common herd of detractors". [6]
Charles Trénet*
{(-1.54) Echeclus} French singer, actor, songwriter, In an era in which it was exceptional for a singer to write his or her own material, Trenet wrote prolifically and declined to record any but his own songs. [7]
Lester Del Rey*
{(+0.48) Makemake} American science fiction writer, to develop science fiction had to remove itself from the usual critics who viewed it from the perspective of [the] mainstream, and who judged its worth largely on its mainstream values...." [8]
Gilberte Voisin*
Belgian child who saw a vision of the Virgin, along with her siblings [9]
Pierre Cardin
{(+0.26) Pluto, (-0.87) Vesta} Italian born French designer, A prophet of style, the innovator of many concepts and products, the only designer ever to be elected to the prestigious French Academy, he has turned his signature into one of the world's most respected and familiar brand names. He often ignores the female shape, known for his avant-garde style and his Space Age designs. He prefers geometric shapes and motifs [10]
Charles Hernu*
{(+0.11) Pluto} French Minister of Defense who ordered the sabotage of the Greenpeace ship in which one person was killed. [11]
Serge Leclaire*
{(-0.86) Mercury, (+2.12) Pluto} French neuropsychiatrist and psychoanalyst, wrote A Child Is Being Killed: On Primary Narcissism and the Death Drive, with the powerful thesis that in order to achieve full selfhood we must all repeatedly and endlessly kill the phantasmatic image of ourselves instilled in us by our parents [12]
Kate Chase*
{(+1.79) Thereus} The Belle of Washington around the Civil War, the closest thing to a Queen we have ever had in USA [13]
Richard Krafft-Ebing*
{(-0.52) Mercury} German-Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, sex-researcher and author of "Psychopathia Sexualis," 1886, a groundbreaking work on sexual aberrations, well known for his coinage of the terms sadism and masochism [14]
Milton Hershey
American industrialist and philanthropist who founded the Hershey Chocolate Company, and the town of Hershey, PA [15]
Emperor China Yuan Shih K-ai* (-0.30) Chinese royalty, the last Emperor of China [16]
Queen of Portugal Amelia*
{(-1.84) Echeclus!} Portuguese royalty, the last Queen consort of Portugal [17]
Hermann Rorschach
{(-2.11) Mercury, (-2.65) Chariklo} The designer of the ink-blot test that bears his name [18]
George Patton*
{(-0.99) Pallas} American military commander of forces in WW I, A colorful and dramatic man, had a movie made about him, came to symbolize a warrior's ferocity and aggressiveness as a result of the movie. believed in reincarnation and that he was always reborn as a warrior [19]
Francisco Franco*
{(+0.04) 225088} Spanish military general, long-time ruler and dictator who commanded his country for 36 years with an iron hand. A man of tremendous determination, he joined Hitler and Mussolini in an alliance of the Axis powers as both Germany and Italy had supported him during his take-over of the government. He refused Hitler’s request to be part of World War II. [20]
Rene Guenon*
French writer, the author of "Symboles de la Science Sacree" and "Le Roi du Monde." Saw Symbolism as an underlying unifying language , wrote extensively on metaphysics and the meanings of metaphysical symbols [21]

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