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Chaos ( 1998 WH24 / 19521 ) The portal through which the energy moves into time and space from the formless eternal realms beyond..
Here the chaotic energy is formed. This point in the chart represents where chaos may reign unless it is shaped creatively into form. Here is where one is the master of Chaos or one is mastered by Chaos. There is energy flowing into your being at this point. When approaching this point you are moving toward/into that flow as you approach this portal and the energy tends to be very disruptive to your psyche and your expressions of it tend to be very disruptive and disturbing to others. Once the conjunction has passed you are moving out with the flow of the energy and it is much easier to shape and direct it. The aspects to Chaos show how one seeks to shape the Chaotic energy around one, the gifts in shaping that one has, and what the obstacles are.

Chaos Theory, the dance of life, the ordering of that which is chaotic Ability to maneuver through chaotic situations
Seeing order in Chaos, bringing order out of chaos The mind-bending vitality of immediate experience
Frequent ruptures, discontinuities, perspective shifts, and ellipses Highly sensitive
Very difficult to handle, may lose your grasp on this energy and the manifestations of it at any time Creation of new things never thought of before
Conservative tendencies to help deal with the sense of chaos around one Humor as a way to shape and handle chaos
Chaos in Aquarius has a cold, impersonal quality to it. Chaos is dealt with by logic and reason and impersonal observation with a deep intuitive sense of the movements involved but a distinctively im-personal focus. It is harsh and glaring. A sense of this as a hard cruel world and you need to deal with it.
Chaos in Pisces is warmer and friendlier, softer, not as harsh and judgmental, more compassionate, more into healing and caring, very little real violence
Chaos in Aries is more active and aggressive, a great need to do something with that chaotic energy, can be chaotically, unpredictably violent
Ronald Reagan* (+0.85º) {(-0.78) Pelion}Showed how to push back Chaos using Political Conservatism which rehabilitated it in US Politics [1]
Eva Braun* (-0.83º) Hitler's mistress, suicided with him [2]
Bill Finger* (+0.37º) {(-0.75) Venus} Uncredited co-creator of Batman, creator of his nemeses Joker, Catwoman [3]
Kelly Quinn* (+0.90º) Jet-Set Psychic [4]
Demofilo Fidani* (+0.13º) {(-0.82) Venus} Spaghetti Westerns, bizarre characters and complete inattention to continuity -- spiritual medium [5]
Sidney Poitier (-0.77º) Trailblazing Black Actor [6]
Kenneth H. Olsen* (+0.15º) Co-founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation [7]
Paul Preboist* (-0.40º) Night club comic wrote own matl [8]
Hugh Downs* (-0.18º) Reported all the forms that Chaos takes with the most TV broadcast hours ever, attracted to danger, mystically fascinated by water [9]
Elizabeth Bradley*
Known world-wide for her accuracy as a psychic [10]
Erma Bombeck*
Journalist and Humorist [11]
Johnny Cash*
{(-0.28) Mercury} Charismatic Country Western Singer with uncanny ability to know when his family needed him [12]
Elizabeth Taylor*
{(-0.17) Mercury} Legendary Actress with very troubled personal life & 8 marriages [13]
Chuck Norris* (+0.72º) Acting Career using Martial Arts skill to control chaos [14]

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