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Varuna ( 2000 WR106 / 20000 ) has a larger than life quality. It carries an impact that lasts well beyond the life of the person. In a sense it is about what the personal legacy is. This is where you focus on doing your own thing and holding your place in time and space, no matter what impact it may have on others.
KEY CONCEPTS - Varuna ( 2000 WR106 / 20000 )
Doing your own thing in a big way Spiritual expansion
Immortality Forthright, dogmatic and often highly opinionated views
A sense of Presence Personal integrity
Stands up to, challenges authority Making things happen
Bigger than life Prominent
Is true to self and expresses what you are without reservation regardless of what others think of it
Gertrud Scholtz-Klink*
German Nazi, the Women's League leader in the Third Reich who emphasized Nazi slogan, "children, church, kitchen." She advocated and taught male supremacy and the female role of child-bearing. [1]
Josephine Stevens*
American mystic. She and her husband wrote the book "The Rainbow Bridge" which gives a method for building a channel of light through the body to improve health. [2]
Jim Backus*
American actor in vaudeville and radio who was onscreen from 1942 in films. He is primarily known as the voice of the myopic curmudgeon Mr. Magoo in cartoons. [3]
Dinah Shore
{(-2.1) Pelion, (+2.87 Amycus} American entertainer, the winner of eight Emmy's and owner of nine gold records. With a smooth contralto voice, she was the first entertainer to visit GIs on the front lines during WW I. She was described as talented, charming, gracious, alive and sincere person always interested in everything, a ray of sunshine. [4]
Desi Arnaz*
{(+2.95) Amycus} Cuban-American musician and actor, the husband of Lucile Ball. They made a fortune with Desilu productions and the hit comedy series "I Love Lucy." [5]
Tun Razak*
{(+1.72) Typhon} Malaysian politician who was instrumental in helping independent Malaya (now Malaysia) gain its independence from Great Britain in 1957. He was a key figure in furthering the country's rural and national development. In 1970 he became Prime Minister, and his leadership led to the establishment of friendly relations with Mainland China in 1974. [6]
Jack Kerouac
American writer and poet. He is best known for the 1957-8 novels that established him as a hero who epitomized the style of living and writing associated with the "Beat Movement," and serving as the Bible for Beatniks. He hit the road for in search of direct experience and spontaneity, his acute wanderlust left him homeless in his soul. He wanted to be seen as the voice of America, but instead he was seen as a voice of juvenile delinquents, and that hurt him a lot. He drank himself to death. [7]
Walter Schirra*
{(+2.52) Typhon} American astronaut. He was one of the original seven astronauts. He was one of the pilots in the first outer space rendezvous between two manned vehicles. [8]
Norbert Brainin*
  He was the first violinist of the Amadeus Quartet, one of the world's most highly regarded string quartets. [9]
Jerry Lewis*
{(+2.64) Amycus, (-2.95) Okyrhoe} American comedian, director, writer, actor, producer and TV host. He touched the hearts of millions. At the same time his ex-wife reports he had a blistering temper, emotional absences, addiction to painkillers, profligate spending and philandering. [10]
Hans Kung*
{(-2.15) Eris} Swiss theologian and author, a Roman Catholic priest who was censured for his controversial liberal views. His conferences led to formation of a group committed to changing world culture and promoting peace; the agreed-upon principles include nonviolence, solidarity, tolerance and equal rights between men and women. He is often seen in the company of world leaders, loves the spotlight and it appears that he aspires to be a world leader himself. He has a strong influence in world politics. [11]
Mr. Rogers*
{(-1.3) Eris, (-2.62) Ceto} American actor who specializes in children's TV. He had a 34 year run and when he retired they began reruns. He explains the general message of the Neighborhood that the truth is best. If we can share ourselves with our kids in ways that aren't frightening to them, that's the greatest gift we can give anyone -- the gift of an honest self. His gentleness and decency gave several generations of children more than entertainment but nourishment for their growing characters. [12]
Stephen Sondheim*
{(-0.59) Eris, (-2.29) Ceto, (+2.25) Hylonome, (+2.4) Amycus} American composer whose scores include "West Side Story," "Gypsy" and "A Little Night Music." His homosexuality was made public in a 1999 biography, "Stephen Sondheim: A Life." [13]
Pat Robertson*
{(- 0.25) Eris, (-1.94) Ceto, (+2.58) Hylonome, (+2.75) Amycus} American Protestant evangelist, author and media mogul. Robertson was selected by Newsweek magazine as one of America's One Hundred Cultural Elite. He is founder and president of the Christian Broadcasting Network eventually reaching 30 million cable TV subscribers in the U.S. With the image of a hustler, he has been said to have a temper and rule CBN with an iron hand as it has grown to be a $182 million a year business. He has retired from CBN to focus on "The 700 Club". [14]
Herb Alpert*
{(+0.83) Thereus, (+2.48) Hylonome} American trumpet playing band leader. A hugely successful recording artist and businessman, he can notch five number one hits on his trumpet, along with 72 million copies of 21 albums. [15]
Margot Adler*
{(+0.3) Bienor, (-2.25) Hylonome} American leader in the Goddess and Pagan Spirituality Movement, the author of "Drawing Down the Moon". She works as a freelance reporter for NPR covering New York City covering a wide range of subjects. [16]
Paloma Picasso
One of Pablo Picasso's three children, she emerged from her father's shadow as a trend-setter in style. She created a jewelry and perfume line from her own original and bold brand of chic. [17]
Jerry Seinfeld*
{(+2.21) Okyrhoe} American comedian with his own top-rated TV series, "Seinfeld," that played for 140 episodes. [18]
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
American actresses and fraternal twins. At nine months of age, they shared that role from the show's debut in 1987 until its cancellation eight seasons later in 1995. During that time, the twins were such a hit that books, dolls and other merchandise bearing their name proliferated. [19]

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